The Ruya crew

The Crew on board Ruya were hand picked by the owners for their depth of knowledge in their field, strength in social skills and their understanding of the quality of customer service to meet your highest expectations.

Captain, Walter Reynolds, New Zealand

Walter Reynolds
New Zealand

PREVIOUS YACHTS: MY SuRi, MY Big Fish, SY Twizzle, MY Advantage, MY Privat Lives

BACKGROUND: Growing up on and around the water in New Zealand, a career at sea was inevitable for Walter. He has cruised extensively through the Mediterranean and Caribbean, crossed the Atlantic eight times and completed over 45,000 nautical miles around South East Asia and the Pacific Ocean.
Walt’s favorite place in the world is sitting in his hammock on the balcony of his home in Fiji, overlooking the South Pacific Ocean.
Walter brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to Ruya. He takes pride in his ‘off the beaten track’ sea miles, as expedition yachting is becoming his specialty.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Walter is responsible for the ultimate safety of the guests, crew, environment and the vessel, legal and regulatory compliance, navigation, guest liaison, and crew management.

LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: MCA Master 3000gt (Y), Helicopter Landing Operator, Masters Business &Law, Masters Stability, Masters Navigation & Radar, MCA Celestial Navigation, HELM Management, Seamanship & Meteorology, Captain’s Medical, Ship’s Security Officer SSO, PADI Dive Master, PADI Enriched Air Diver, RYA Diesel Maintenance Certificate.

HOBBIES: Surfing, Fishing, Reading, Hiking and Diving.

Chief Stewardess, Sandra Compain, Fiji

Chief stewardess
Sandra compain


BACKGROUND: Sandra was born and raised in Fiji on her family’s cattle farm. She comes from a large family of 12 with 7 sisters and 4 brothers. Before yachting, she was a flight attendant with Fiji’s National Airline for 5years.

With over 11years experience in yachting, her creativity, excellence in service and attention to personalized detail ensures that guests will have the best experience onboard Ruya.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Main responsibilities include: service leader, galley and guest liaison, meal and event planning, purchasing and inventory. Sandra manages all interior crew and duties including cleaning, maintenance and laundry with an emphasis on guest service and training interior crew.

LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: STCW 95, ENG1, Basic Stewardess Training, Chief Stewardess Certificate of Interior Management & communications, Barista Certificate, Certificate in Hospitality Wine Service & Bartending/Mixology Course, IYT Silver Service, Food Service & Hygiene Level 2, Floral Design & Care, PADI Open Water Diver.

HOBBIES: Photography, Baking, Traveling, Reading and Yoga.

Second Stewardess, Anna Velos, Philippines



BACKGROUND: Anna was born in Manila in the Philippines and joined the yachting industry three months after moving to France to join her family. Since a young age, Anna has had a love for travel and adventure which has led her to yachts. Anna’s 6 years’ experience in the yachting world will greet you with a welcoming smile.

JOB DESCRIPTION: To support the Chief Stewardess with guest service, training of interior team, detailing and maintaining the interior.

LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: STCW 95, ENG1, Food Health and Hygiene level 2, Security Awareness, Certificate in Guest Introduction Wine, Bartending & Mixology, Guest basic food

HOBBIES: Traveling, long walks, exploring new places and trying new foods.

Chief Engineer, Adrian Hibbard, New Zealand

New Zealand

PREVIOUS YACHTS: MY Raasta, MY Virginian, MY Ann G, MY Nati Tre, MY Ayouchka, SY Shamoun

BACKGROUND: Adrian was trained as an Automotive Engineer in New Zealand prior to starting his career on yachts. Since then he has gained a vast amount of knowledge in all aspects of engineering over his past 12 years in the yachting industry.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Responsible for the ultimate smooth operations, safety and maintenance of the yacht services, managing and supervising engine repairs and overhauls.

LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: Marine Engineer MCA Y3 COC, Diploma in Automotive Engineering, Advanced Certificate in Automotive Engineering.

HOBBIES: Fishing, snowboarding, surfing and traveling.

Engineer/Deckhand, Campell Thomson, New Zealand

2nd engineer/deckhand
Campbell thomson
new zealand


BACKGROUND: In early 2018, with 7 years’ experience in workshops as a mechanic the thirst for travel took Campbell to the UK with the idea of combining seeing a bit of Europe and gaining yachting related qualifications. Campbell he is currently working towards his Y1 qualification to continue his engineering development.

JOB DESCRIPTION: To support the Chief Engineer with all engineering operations, with an emphasis on all main and secondary systems. Also responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and polishing of the yacht and to assist the First Mate in maintenance, repairs and guest service.

LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: ENG1, STCW 95, Powerboat Level 2, AEC 1 & 2, Deckhand training course, VHF License, Radar (Basic), PSD.

HOBBIES: Anything to do with the outdoors, Spending time with animals and Fixing things.

Deckand, Michael Dickinson, South Africa

michael dickinson
south africa


BACKGROUND: With an extensive background in racing small sailing boats, Mike has joined Ruya as his first motorboat experience in the industry.

At the age of 8, Mike started sailing in his hometown of Durban, South Africa and quickly showed his talent for regatta racing, making a move up into the Olympic 49’er class in his early teenage years. He was part of 2 South African attempts at qualifying for the 2012 and 2016 Olympics and was a competitor at the Junior World Championships in 2014, 2015 & 2016.

Moving from competing to working in the yachting industry was a very natural transition for this merman and making motorboats a focus has given him a new challenge in his pursuit of one day being a captain.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Detailing and maintaining the exterior of the yacht and to assist with guest service.

LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: ENG1, STCW 95, Yachtmaster offshore, 200t Unlimited, AEC

HOBBIES:Going fast on sea and on land, Surfing, Kiting & Free-diving.

First Mate, Conrad Erbe, South Africa

south africa


BACKGROUND: Conrad developed a passion for being on the water through water skiing from a young age. He represented South Africa in his teens placing 2nd best in South Africa and ranking an overall 24th in the world standings. After completing a degree in Accounting, he went straight back to the water and has been in yachting for over 5 years now. Conrad brings a wealth of experience and wants to complete his Captain’s license next year.

JOB DESCRIPTION: To assist the Captain with administrative and navigation duties, Safety and Security Officer on board, Guest liaison, and leader of the deck crew.

LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: Officer of the Watch 3000, Padi Diver, Accounting Degree

HOBBIES: Waterskiing, going to the gym, reading, playing tennis and football.

Chef, Philip Clarke, Wales

Philip clarke


BACKGROUND: Starting with a part time job in a fish and chippy at 14 years old, he then moved into a 4-year apprenticeship at the Marriot Cardiff at 16 where he completed 3 NVQ levels and developed a sense of individuality in his cooking.
This was fostered further when he moved to a fine dining restaurant at 20 years of age in Cardiff learning from the very experienced head chef who molded Phil’s talents over a year and a half. Soon the travel bug took Phil to Sydney’s gastronomy scene for a few years, which gave Phil a taste for modern gastronomy and management as head chef of a Gastropub, being responsible for a kitchen of 6 people. With his passion for fresh local produce, original menus and patisserie, Phil provides a nutritional gastronomy experience, with beautiful presentation that accentuates the flavors.

JOB DESCRIPTION: As Chef, Phil is in charge of all menu planning for guests and crew, inventory and provisioning, nutrition and food safety standards.

LICENCES: Food Health & Hygiene Level 3, RSA, FFS, STCW 95, ENG1

HOBBIES: Yoga, Running, Swimming and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

Third Stewardess, Leah Fagan, Australia

third stewardess
Leah Fagan


BACKGROUND: Prior to yachting, Leah worked as an office manager and family assistant in the wine, coffee and fine food industry. At the same time, she maintained her own successful business within the natural therapy, beauty therapy and massage industry where she could utilize her professional qualifications in Myotherapy, beauty therapy and business management.

Leah’s versatile skills, knowledge, kind and bubbly nature will ensure you will feel at home and enjoy your time onboard Ruya.

JOB DESCRIPTION: To support the interior team with guest service, cabin service, laundry, detailing and maintaining the interior.

LICENSES/CERTIFICATES: STCW 95, ENG1, IYT Worldwide Advanced Superyacht Hospitality, Silver Service Certificate, Barista Certificate, Advanced Open Water Diver

HOBBIES: Fitness, health, nutrition, wellbeing, skincare, nature, culture, travel, water sports, volunteering and hosting charity events.