The Ruya crew

The Crew on board Ruya were hand picked by the owners for their depth of knowledge in their field, strength in social skills and their understanding of the quality of customer service to meet your highest expectations.


Walter Reynolds - NZ

Walter has cruised extensively through the Mediterranean and Caribbean, crossed the Atlantic eight times and completed over 45,000 nautical miles around South East Asia and the Pacific Ocean. 

Walter brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to Ruya. He takes pride in his ‘off the beaten track’ sea miles, as expedition yachting is becoming his specialty.

JOB DESCRIPTION: Walter is responsible for the ultimate safety of the guests, crew, environment and the vessel, legal and regulatory compliance, navigation, guest liaison and crew management.


Chief stewardess
Sandra compain

Sandra's creativity, excellence in service and attention to personalized detail ensures that guests will have the best experience while onboard.

Main responsibilities include: service leader, galley and guest liaison, meal and event planning, purchasing and inventory. Sandra manages all interior crew and duties including cleaning, maintenance and laundry with an emphasis on guest service and training interior crew.


second stewardess
natalie jarrold -

Natalie’s life began on the water in South Africa, cruising the world on the family yacht Lily Maid. After a two-year stint in the UK studying hospitality, Natalie began working on superyachts. Having worked on yachts since she was nineteen, Natalie’s past experience will ensure your time onboard is one to remember.

JOB DESCRIPTION:  To support the Chief Stewardess with guest service, training of interior team, detailing and maintaining the interior.


Chief Engineer
Luke Morrell- UK

Luke’s first introduction to working within the marine industry was as an apprentice boat builder for Sunseeker International back in 2006.

Since completing his apprenticeship, Luke has worked on many motor and sailing yachts. He has gained a enviable knowledge of onboard technical and mechanical systems.

JOB DESCRIPTION:     Responsible for the ultimate smooth operations, safety and maintenance of the yacht services, managing and supervising engine repairs and overhauls.



2nd engineer/deckhand
marvin benolirao philippines

He completed his Engineering Cadet after 13 months on a general cargo ship and before that as an Engineer Apprentice on container ships.

JOB DESCRIPTION: To support the Chief Engineer with all engineering operations, with an emphasis on all main and secondary systems. Also responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and polishing of the yacht and to assist the First Mate in maintenance, repairs and guest service.


matthew armstong-bahamas

Born and raised in the Bahamas, Matthew grew up fishing and diving. After school Matthew got his captain’s license and drove ferries in the Bahamas.  Not long after he joined the yachting industry.  

Matthew will ensure guests enjoy being in the water and have fun!

JOB DESCRIPTION:  Detailing and maintaining the exterior of the yacht and to assist with guest service.


first mate
luke murray - south Africa

Growing up far from the ocean, it would seem strange for him to have pursued a career at sea. Luke, however, is wild at heart, adventurous and this, combined with his strong work ethic has proved to be a perfect match!

Luke found out about yachting at an early age and decided he would go out and see the world before returning home and establishing his own farm one day.

JOB DESCRIPTION: To assist the Captain with administrative and navigation duties, Safety and Security Officer on board, Guest liaison, and leader of the deck crew.


diego andra

Diego has been working as a professional chef for the last 20years. The first 10 Years in restaurants and hotels where he cooked in three Michelin star establishments. The past 10 years Diego has been onboard superyachts.

JOB DESCRIPTION: As Chef, Diego is in charge of all menu planning for guests and crew, inventory and provisioning, nutrition and food safety standards.


third stewardess
Sarah harrison - uk

Sarah grew up spending holidays cruising around northern Europe and later sailing in the Caribbean. This sparked her love of traveling and being at sea. Sarah graduated from University of Birmingham with a BSc honours in Physiotherapy.

Combining her hospitality experience with her love of the sea Sarah has invested herself into the yachting industry.

JOB DESCRIPTION: To support the interior team with guest service, cabin service, laundry, detailing and maintaining the interior.